Thank you’s

Restoring old aeroplanes can be ‘interesting’.

Restoring old aeroplanes without both moral and material support, as well as the sharing of knowledge, experience and determination , would be nigh on impossible. For this reason it is only right that we use the opportunity we have with this site to thank some of those who are to blam………..have been so helpful over this past decade.

In time we will add links, but in the meantime here’s what these fine people or organisations have done to help the XS186 restoration project.

Alan Allen – Long term friend and ally, supplier of so many parts, gems of advice and support over so many years it’s hard to remember when it all started.

Aero Fire & Rescue – Fire and rescue support in the early engine run period.

Steve Austin – Supplied many vital wiring parts at the cost to his own excellent JP cockpit project XP558

Adrian Balch – Website god and general guru on many aircraft types, including the  JP, has always shown full public support for our cause

Andy Blair – Supplied several key parts whilst himself taking on a major cockpit project with XN549

Rich and Max Blood – Like minded JP stalwarts for many years, supplying lots of parts and great advice

Gordon Brader – Stationry engine builder, hand crafted several components, including complete exhausts for our hydraulic rig

Bush Tyres – helped to get Terry our tug back on all fours with a rapid wheel and tyre turnaround

Clearprint (Sleaford) – Reliabe and high quality suppliers of decals for XS186

Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre – Great support from our closest JP neighbours, XP556 having swopped several key parts to help XS186 continue

Amanda Cundall – Author of ‘Jim the Jet Provost’ – which has furthered our cause to get XS186 and our project out to a wider audience, what better way than to get into the heads and hearts of our newest generation!

Eclipse farms – Worked with the crew to get our cabin delivered at a very competative cost

David Gladwin – Visited our merry band and had several very special hours being re-united with his steed

Bob Hawes – Nephew of Bill Shrubsole, kindly researched and provided copies of Bills logbook entries for his XS186 flights

Lee Howard – supplied design and font for our XS186 fuselage serials

Kingsbeech – Located and supplied new capacitors for the engine driven generator on XS186

Light Aero Spares – Supplier of numerous nuts, bolts, fastenings etc for our project

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Preservation Support Services – utterly professional outfit, key partners from 2015

Lindum Fire Services Ltd Lincoln – for our fire fighting extinguishers and expert support

Naylan Moore – Walking encyclopedia on any aeroplane, and always in the top 3 of people to contact when faced with insurmountable odds

Newark Aircraft Museum – Helpful advice and several parts over several years

Brendan Pritchard – Found us our new cabin and re-assured us that there are people with even more crazy ambitions than us (RAF Ingham Heritage Group)

Paul Spann – Supplied numerous parts and our hydraulic rig (should we really be thankful for that?), much mutual appreciation

Peter & Zena Scoley – Site owners at Metheringham, true gems and stalwart suppporters of the project

Don & Bobbie Soames Waring – Inspirational, awe inspiring, funny, brave, respected and yes, loved. Don flew XS186, Bobbie will always be his, and our first lady

Darren Swinn – Fellow aircraft nut, has supplied numerous parts and has been a regular and avid follower

David Thomas – Vulcan XH558 pilot, keen supporter of our cause and supplied several useful JP parts and manuals

Vertigo Covers – Supplied our front fuselage cover

Wickenby Airfield – Donated Terry the Tug to the project

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